Applications: Examples of who is using AR

Augmented reality has been used in a number of fields:

Advertising, Medicine, Navigation, Military, Architecture, Toursim, Museums, Performance Art, Entertainment, and Education

The following are some examples of how AR is used.

1-Medical: Doctors can use AR as visualization and training aids for surgery. In this video, 3D bone structure taken from CT scans of the patient is fused with colours of video data in a technique called ghosting. The images are superimposed over the patient to provide depth preception. The intent of this AR is to use it during surgery for navigation for the purposes of finding a tumour or guiding instruments in the body. This removes intuitive estimation of depth preception.

2- Navigation: AR can be used to experince how to drive a car using software that creates an authentic experience. The user wears a cyber glove that provides feedback that creates tactile sensations. This type of AR allows car designers to build cars virtually.

3- Museum: Guests can use AR to obtain historical information about displays in the museum and have a more interactive experience.

4-Entertinment: During the evening weather report, the weather reporter is shown standing in front of changing weather maps. In the studio the reporter is actually standing in front of a blue or green screen.This real image is augmented with computer generated maps using a technique called chroma-keying. It is also possible to create a virtual studio environment so that the actors can appear to be positioned in a studio with computer generated decorating.

5. Games EyePet is a Play Station 3 game. The camera allows a virtual pet to interact with humans and objects in the real world. Using AR the pet appears to be aware of its environment and reacts to it.

6. Sports This is an AR demo of a soccer player. The player has been motion captured and the rendering and tracking run in real time.

7. Movies AR special effects are demonstrated in Iron Man 2 movie footage that is remixed to show how the character Tony discovers the element "Vibranium". The amazing effects are done by alternative SFX houses.

8. Books AR books can look like any other book but when placed in front of a computer webcam 3D elements such as movies, sight and sound appear. Some books also have interactive components. In addition, some books may require the download of software so that the code embedded in the book can be read.